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Hall Of Fame

TUMEfishing Hall Of Fame. Here we present our best lures.

We carry a catch diary with us on our fish trips to book up all the fish we caught. For each fish, we write up the lure’s information; size, color, swimming plate, swimming action and -depth. And, of course, weather conditions and times, not forgetting the dates. We have also begun to monitor the impact of atmospheric pressure on fishing in the last couple of years. Our diary comprises thousands of fish labels, so we can already start to do a small summary.


Like in every sport we have also our own stats for each lure. We only keep stats by color so it’s easier to keep up. Every fish count, regardless of size or species.

Leaders 2021

Uptaded 17.08.2021

We are freshing this list every week in open water season.


TUMEfishing 176.jpg


TUMEfishing 026.jpg


TUMEfishing 093.jpg


TUMEfishing 002.jpg


211 nettisivut.jpg

All time leaders

We have been listing this stat since 2012. Here's the best-fished colors of all time. This may not be updated during the summer once, unless someone's color skipping something on the list. 


TUMEfishing kaikkien aikojen pistepörssin ykkösvaappu


TUMEfishing kaikkien aikojen pistepörssin kakkosvaappu


TUMEfishing kaikkien aikojen pistepörssin vitosvaappu


TUMEfishing kaikkien aikojen pistepörssin kolmosvaappu


92 kopio.png

TOP-3 biggest zanders

This lure we have caught our biggest zander.

91cm / 7,0 kg.

Tällä TUME-vaapulla on saatu 7kg kuha

This lure we have caught our second biggest zander. 87cm / 6,3 kg.

valkonen kuhavaappu.jpg

This lure we have caught our third biggest zander.

 85cm / 5,8 kg.


TOP-3 biggest pikes

This lure we have caught our biggest pike.

125cm / 11,5 kg.


This lure we have caught our second biggest pike.

122cm / 11,2 kg.

Tällä TUME-vaapulla on saatu 11,2kg hauki

This lure we have caught our third biggest pike.

118cm / 10,6 kg.


If you have caught with TUME-lure bigger fish what we are, contact us with a photo and we will reward you! 

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