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TUME-lure 12cm Tikku

NEW FOR 2023!

Available online and from retailers during spring 2023!


TUME Tikku is the result of many years of development for trolling pike perch and trout. The design and colors of the lure have been developed together with competive and professional fishermen. ​


The specialty of the lure is found in a narrow shape, which is less than 1 cm at the thickest point. The swimming depth is about 2 meters, and the swim is a dense kick, and it has a small side-to-side action. Try hooking also with a 1-hook from the front loop, this will bring the swim to life and work great for trout trolling. ​


''The design of the TUME-lure combined with the hologram-patterned foil gives the lure a truly vibrant look that the fish can't resist!''


Body: Apache

Length: 12cm

Swimming depth:  2 m (action: small kick, unexpectly goes side-to-side)

Hooks: Mustad TR78 Ultrapoint, #4

Target species: zander, browntrout

Recommend trolling speed: 2,5 - 5 km/h

TUME-vaappu 12cm tikku värikartta 2024.png

TUME-lure Tikku swimming video

TUME-vaappu tikku tulossa pian.png
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