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TUME-lure 15cm

TUME 15cm is asymmetrically shaped, an excellent general lure for trolling zander and pike.


It is available in two different diving lips and tens of different colors, there are few different coatings, including painted, scale foiled and variety of hologram foiled lures.


With curved lip it dives into about two meters and its swimming action is a small kick and when the speed goes up it will go unexpectedly from left-to-right, imitates well like wounded fish. This swimming action is especially in the mind of a zander. On the curved lip, the lure does not dive very deep, so it is capable of fishing in shallow waters or with weights in deeper waters.


''The asymmetrical design of the TUME-lure, combined with a different pattern of foils, gives a very vivid look to the lure, which the fish cannot resist!''


Body: Apache

Length: 15cm

Swimming depth: 

2 m (action: small kick, unexpectly goes side-to-side)

Hooks: Mustad TR78 Ultrapoint, #2

Target species: zander, pike

Recommend trolling speed: 2,5 - 5 km/h

TUME-vaappu 15cm värikartta 2024.png

TUME-lure 15cm swimming action:

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