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TUME-lure 6cm Deep Diving

NEW FOR 2023!

Available in the online store and from retailers during spring 2023! ​


The TUME 6 cm Deep Diving has been developed with competitive trollers for perch trolling.


​This is a real precision weapon when you want to focus on trolling a big perch. The swimming depth is about 3 m and swimming action is a strong kick. Don't be surprised if pike and pike perch are also caught as by-products at the end of the line. ​

The lure also works great for rainbow trout rowing-trolling when you want to get a little deeper without weights. Recommended towing speed from 2.5 to 4.5 km/h. The colors are selected with catch guarantee.

''The design of the TUME-lure combined with the hologram-patterned foil gives the lure a truly vibrant look that the fish can't resist!''


Color chart

Body: Apache

Length: 6 cm

Swimming depth: 3m (action: sharp kicking)

Hooks: Mustad TR78 #6

Target species: perch, rainbow trout

TUME-vaappu 6cm syvänne värikartta 2024.png

TUME-lure 6cm Deep Diving swimming video

TUME-vaappu 6cm syvänne tulossa pian.png
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